“Morning Light,” Linda Foley


Linda Foley is now offering group watercolor lessons at her home in Montague.  All levels of skill are welcome.  Come to loosen up, learn new skills, and watch demonstrations.

Gallery Uptown is Pleased to Announce the Winners of
22nd Annual Winter Arts Festival !

First Place: “Fall Shoreline – Mona Lake” by Sheri Woodard
Second Place: “Peace Is the Beauty” by Catherine McClung
Third Place: “Beyond” by Doug Brinks
Honorable Mention has been awarded to:
“Cavern of Amethyst” by Kris Campau
“Winter’s Day” by Lynne Boezaart
“Window” by Aziza Abbasi
“Maine Coastline” by Larry Blovits
“Golden Sentinel” by Suzanne Fredrick

Donna Balavitch Award:  “Ethan” by Nancy MacLachlan

Michigan Rag (Marushka) Awards:
“Spring Shadows” by Marlan Cotner
“Hike” by Lee Ann Frame
“Resting Rowboat” by Scott Mack

J. Morgan Fine Jewelers
   First Place: “Sign from Above” by Doug Brinks
   Tied for Second Place:
…..“Peace Is the Beauty” by Catherine McClung
…..”Winter” by Sandy Meyer

Great Lakes Dental:  “Seeing Double” by Mary Ann Dunn 

Hofcraft Gift Certificate:  “Baltic Town” by Patricia Flynn

Congratulations and thank you to all artists who participated!

Applications are now available for Art on the Riverfront Juried Art Show in Grand Haven, Michigan:
The 19th Annual Art on the Riverfront will be held on Saturday, August 17, 2019 in beautiful Grand Haven, Michigan!    Artists interested in applying for our 2019 show should email Brad  Patterson at  to be placed on our email list.                              Applications will be due by April 1, 2019.

“Moonlit Reflection,” Chandra Jennings

Chandra Jennings took  first place in the People’s Choice Drawing and in Juried Drawing catgories in Grand Haven Artwalk.

She also has won a Special Merit Award from LightSpaceTime Online Gallery’s Annual Nature Art Exhibition.



Ann Trowbridge has  received a first place award for her painting
“Canna and Phlox” as part of Art on the Islands competition on
the Windmill Island Gardens in Holland, Michigan.




Gallery Uptown artists and friends celebrate the 43 years
we have successfully been together as an art coop!