Chandra Jennings


Visit Chandra’s website, Etsy site, or on Facebook. Her name on Instagram is “boardtoart“.

Grand Haven resident Chandra Jennings concentrates on the expressions of her scratchboard pieces, believing the look in the eyes of her subjects creates the connection with viewers. All of her work is rendered directly into a hardboard panel covered in white clay and black ink. Etching removes the black ink and leaves the white image shown. Periodically, the white clay is tinted with colored india ink and then rescratched to add texture to the piece.owl

 Chandra prefers to depict wildlife in her images, particularly owls. She has found it very important to concentrate on rendering the species as accurately as possible, staying true to her naturalist interests. Her work continues to evolve and grow, sometimes proportionally. Her largest piece was made in 2016 for Grand Haven Artwalk, where her piece “What the Little Birdies Told Me” won first place for the People’s Choice Drawing category.