“Expressions in Color & Form”

Landscapes in acrylic, abstracts on blocks of clay, functional objects in blown glass and wood-fired clay, and graphic design using shape and color…this describes our November show in the Walburg Gallery, “Expressions in Color & Form”.   Featured in this show is new work by local artists Nora Faber, Mary Lanka, Ottawa House Clay + Glass, and Sean Sterzer.
This show will run from November 1st through 20th.

“Saturday Snack”

Sean Sterzer,  graphic designer,  makes use of shape and color to condense, distill, and simplify subjects. Paper cut works on display include “The New Longboard,” “Failed Flight,” and “Saturday Snack”.


Ottawa House Clay + Glass is a family-owned teaching and making studio located in the Lake Michigan woodland dunes.  Mark Jones and Kathleen O’Brien focus on functional objects in blown glass and wood-fired clay, believing that the daily use of handmade objects contributes to the experience and beauty of everyday living. Their work in glass and clay reflects its processes—handmade, hand-formed, authentic, and open to the vagaries of fire and flame.

A Musical and Color-filled Life” by Nora Faber

“The Edge of the Field”

In Nora Faber’s clayboard work she uses layers of paint to create depth. Her  colorful amoebic imagery is brought about through use of acrylics, which can be mixed with ink/salt and then layered with oils, through which she etches.


Mary Lanka’s has always been inspired by Lake Michigan’s beaches and the natural beauty of Western Michigan.  Her paintings have a story to tell like a snap shot of a precious moment in time.