Color Watercolor Workshop by Sandy Meyer
March 5 and 6, 2016

Franciscan Life Process Center

This is a workshop designed for all artists, amateur and experienced, who want to create more exciting art through a new awareness of color and how it affects our work. Color should be an object of special consideration when creating art. It is to art, what blood is to the human body; it creates life in art. You will learn to use color in more creative ways. For many artists, their handling of color is a hit and miss affair. By becoming more aware of the properties of color we become more proficient in the use of color and desired effects become attainable. This will be a study of the effects that one color placed next to another can have. Colors are rarely seen in isolation. Putting the right colors together to create a pleasing rightness is what many times, presents the most difficulty. Colors juxtaposed play tricks with the eye; as soon as they are put together they change. Learn more in this exciting, fun-filled, two-day workshop.

For fees and registration call Kathleen Bechtel, Art Director, (616)-897-7842, Ext. 352

Painting and Drawing Classes with Rob Michmerhuizen

Rob Michmerhuizen has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and for over 30 years has offered professional instruction in drawing and painting. Each class meets weekly and is limited to five students. Study consists of still life, landscape and figures in charcoal, graphite and acrylic paints. Drawing supplies are furnished. The weekly rate is $20.00 per student for each two hour lesson. Individual help in a pleasant, informal atmosphere. Beginners are welcome. For further information call (616) 847-6745.