Northern Neighbors

 “And what is so rare as a day in June? Then, if ever, come perfect days.”
-James Russell Lowell

For the month of June, Gallery Uptown presents work of our northern neighbors Linda Foley, Peter Johnson, Curt Sanders, and  Ann Trowbridge.   These four award winning artists from Muskegon County will fill the Walburg gallery with their delectable artwork .

Linda Foley uses watercolors in an impressionist style, allowing the water and pigment to move and interact.   Her subjects are often the shore and dunes, or the forest and farms lands of Michigan.

After a fifty year career as an artist working primarily as a functional potter in Whitehall, Michigan, Peter Johnson is now making  purely abstract forms in clay.

Curt Sanders


Curt Sanders’ acrylics are abstract and non-representational, where he studies colors of light, and the energy, motion and flow that they create.   He works with mostly transparent pigments reflected off opaque backgrounds of organic textures and fog, mostly upon black-primed canvas.  Curt feels that each of his paintings represent the constant struggle and tickling match between Yin and Yang.


“Tractor Trail,”   Ann Trowbridge

Ann Trowbridge loves plein air painting, and finds that it is a joy to paint outdoors and share the results with friends.  Using both pastel and water color, she has created some new delightful works.