Helen Percy Lystra




Helen Percy Lystra is a painter working primarily in watercolor though she also enjoys experimenting with other media. “If I work in something else for a time I come back to watercolor with new ideas. I feel fresher, and believe my work reflects it.”

Lystra grew up on Union Lake in Commerce Township, Michigan where her love of boats and water were nourished. Her artistic talent began to blossom in the two room elementary school she attended. “I loved when Miss Dewey, the art teacher, came in once a week; it was my favorite time in school.” Lystra often combines both loves, choosing boats and water as the most frequent subjects in her art work. She is a graduate of Grand Valley State University and studied at Hillsdale College and at the Art Institute of Chicago. Her study continues with ongoing workshops.

Lystra’s home and studio are in Grand Haven, Michigan. She has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions and it can be seen regularly at the Gallery Uptown in downtown Grand Haven, Michigan. Lystra’s work is also included in private and corporate collections around the world.