Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been a student of art all of his life, from coloring as a child,  to taking college art classes in the early ’70’s, and finally to creating fine works of art in oil pastel today.  For thirty-five years, Chris owned and operated a restaurant, the demands of which left little time for painting.   However, in 2002 he took trips to Provence, France and Tuscany in Italy and those experiences re-energized his love of art.   His inspiration now comes from his yearly travels to Europe.

Chris enjoys creating various styles of painting, sometimes working in a realistic style, other times impressionistic, or abstract styles.  His favorite artists are from the Impressionistic period.   He paints what he is immersed in–food, flowers in his garden and greenhouse, and favorite scenes from his many travels throughout Europe, Canada, and the United States.  His work has been displayed at several galleries including Washington Square Art Gallery, Thistle Gallery, The White Oaks Gallery, Pereddies Restaurant, Holland Area Arts Council, and Freedom Village.

Chris is an artist by avocation and is looking forward to more travel and more art.  Chris says, “My art is a reflection of my life.  I hope you enjoy the oil pastels as much as I enjoy creating them.”