Deb Bowen



Deborah Bowen’s current oil paintings convey a gentle sense of place. Her intent is to paint that one special moment when a scene is filled with light and glowing. The distinctive brushwork in these paintings creates a beautiful surface of color, texture and movement. Deborah uses an impressionistic and abstract style, keeping shapes and detail uncomplicated.

"Shoot The Moon", mixed media

“Shoot The Moon”, mixed media, $480.

“So much time in my life is spent being super structured and busy. Painting has helped me to slow down and pay attention to the little things that can bring me real peace and give perspective to the world’s craziness.”


"Cart Wheels", mixed media, $290.

“Cart Wheels”, mixed media, $290.

Deborah has studied art at Grand Valley State University, Ox Bow/Art Institute of Chicago, Scottsdale Artistsʼ School, and plein air painted in San Miguel, Mexico. Her paintings are part of many private and university collections. She has participated in numerous art shows including the Regional at the Muskegon Museum of Art and has been the recipient of many awards.

"Hottie", mixed media, $290.

“Hottie”, mixed media, $290.


Deborah lives in Spring Lake, Michigan with her husband Dan. They have two adult children, a huge family and circle of friends, and live an active life filled with many blessings.


DebB 2016-10 Periwinkle Mixed Media $310 12'X12_ 01 Final

“Periwinkle”, mixed media, $310, 12″ x 12″

DebB 2017-05 02 Final.jpg Hills and Valleys Mixed Media 11_x14_$310

“Hills and Valleys”, mixed media, $310, 11″ x 14″