Bette DelVecchio

Ceramicist and Clay Artist

Non-Objective 2 Dimensional Work


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“Icon”, photo/watercolor paper, $68.


"Notes", computer altered photo, $68.

“Notes”, computer altered photo, $68.



Lakeland Artists Spring Show
Best of Show
International Society of Experimental Artists

isea 2013This work by Bette was accepted in the 23rd Annual International Society of Experimental Artists Exhibit; a juried show that opened on Sanibel Island, moved to San Pedro, and ended in Wales last summer.





“Like most children, my options for self-expression were limited by the group of adults surrounding me…their rules, their budget, their decisions, their philosophy.  This colored every aspect of my world, particularly my artistic vision.  Fortunately, I was quite small, so the challenge of clothing myself in things that fit and that were acceptable opened a door to the wonderful world of second-hand stores.  In them, I could find the raw materials for creating anything I could imagine while spending almost no money.  In retrospect, this was the very beginning of my life as an artist.  Whether it’s reworking used clothing or creating art by throwing a pot, restructuring it and rejoining the pieces or creating a painting, the end result is the same:  an original creation which represents my unique vision, my sense of proportion, my philosophy, and, when I get it “right”, the essence of who I am.

My love of clay is directly tied to its ability to become anything from nothing.  It’s one of the most basic of materials and a building block for our very existence.  It is soft and hard, new and ancient, rough and smooth, easy yet incredibly demanding.  No matter how complex or structured it becomes, it ultimately returns to the earth to cycle once again.  There’s hope in that. There’s joy in the creation of the object along with energy in its birth, its duration, and its death.

The pieces I make are simple, reflecting my love of just about all things Oriental. The simplicity emerging in my current work is influenced greatly by a trip to China, where I was reminded of my love of a balanced design that is pleasing to the eye.   I want my work to be well thrown and to feel good in your hand.  I want the balance to exist, and the source of the balance to remain a bit of a mystery.  I want my pieces to withstand the eye of the critic, the excitement of the collector, and the test of time.  I want to achieve a spark of energy in the way it looks, the color it displays, the thoughts it provokes, the memories it evokes, and the joy it brings in daily life.”


Birchstand2Birch Stand
mixed media

1 “The Tipple” SOLD

Groundedrainbow2Grounded Rainbow
11″ x 15″


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Clarion State Teachers College in Pennsylvania

Muskegon Community College

Oxbow School of the Arts/Chicago School of the Arts

Various Seminars

Working as a bank loan officer paid the bills, but it never fed the eclectic soul of artist & ceramicist Bette DelVecchio. After a varied career that spanned the steel industry, single motherhood, real estate and banking, Bette began searching for a medium of expression which harkened back to her days in the artistic areas of Pennsylvania, where she grew up.  Although she had taken the occasional pottery class in PA, she spotted her vision in a lump of clay after moving near the shores of Lake Michigan.  Soon she was working to hone her craft as a potter, studying with leading artists from the Midwest and through the Oxbow School in Saugatuck, a program of the Chicago Institute of Art.

Several years ago, Bette began to travel into the wonderful world of acrylic painting, since then she has trained in 2D non-objective mixed media artwork. She is currently a member of ISEA, the International Society of Experimental Artists.

She is now retired from the mortgage world, and spends her days creating unique works which are showcased in juried shows and galleries throughout West Michigan.

Shows, Exhibitions, and Awards

2018 Lakeland Artists’ Spring Show

2015 Grand Haven ArtWalk, 2nd Place, “I’m a Little Teapot” imalittleteapot

2015 87th Annual Muskegon Museum of Art Regional Exhibit, “I’m a Little Teapot”

2015 23rd Annual International Society of Experimental Artists, “Cityscape” – Juried Show

2015 Lakeland Artists Spring Show, Best of Show, “Cityscape”

2014 Lakeland Artists Fall Show, Norma Green Memorial Award for Best Abstraction

2014 22nd Annual International Society of Experimental Artists Exhibit – Juried Show

2013 Grand Haven Area Community Foundation Purchase Award, Project Tipple

2013 Lakeland Artists Fall Show – Best Abstraction Award

2013 Artwalk, Grand Haven, MI

2013 ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, MI

2013 Solo Exhibit, Jansma Gallery, Newaygo County Council for the Arts, Fremont, MI

2013 Lakeland Artists Spring Show – Norma Green Memorial Award

2013 Wine About Winter, Downtown Grand Haven, MI, Juror

2012  April is for the Birds, White River Gallery, Juror

2010 White Lake Arts Council Change of Seasons Show – Second Prize

2006 Chiz Gallery, Shadyside, PA

2007 Bella Arts Gallery, Shadyside, PA

2005 Lakeland Artists Spring Show – Peoples Choice Award

2002, 2003, 2006, 2007: Urban Institute of Art, Grand Rapids, MI….Juried Show

2005, 2006 and 2007: Grand Haven Area Arts Council Winter Artists Market (Creator of Show)…Juried Show

2006 and 2007: Art on the Riverfront, Grand Haven….Juried show

2006 and 2007: Salmon Festival, Grand Haven Waterfront

Private Sales and Shows

2006 and 2007: Grand Haven Area Arts Council Art on the Riverfront

June 2007: Artist of the Month, Grand Haven Area Arts Council

Current Gallery and Exhibits

Zhou B Gallery, Chicago

International Society of Experimental Artists – member

Gallery Uptown, Grand Haven, MI

Muskegon Museum Gift Shop, Muskegon, MI