Teresa Gaudino

24″ x 36″ $750


My artwork reflects my interest in architecture and fascination with European civilization. I’ve always loved traveling and exploring even the most quiet corners of small towns, and thus I’ve turned to photography as a means to document these impactful adventures.
In my photos, I attempt to capture small everyday images that portray the beautiful simplicity of life that’s often




My husband and our two daughters, have patiently waited in the cobblestone streets of various villages as I take these pictures, allowing me to bring home the simple moments that inspire my paintings.


While these far off places are what I now focus my work on, I originally began studying acrylic and oil mediums when living in Pittsburgh, PA and metro Detroit.  Through these studies, I’ve found myself particularly drawn to oil, eventually falling in love with the ability to carve out life’s raw moments on canvas using a palette knife.

Juried art shows
Lowell Art Gallery, Lowell MI 2018
Festival of the Arts, Grand Rapids MI 2018
ISEA International Society of Experimental Arts, 2019
Michigan Now, Crooked Tree Art Center, Petosky MI 2019

36″ x 36″ $800