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G. G. Havens-Reid

My chosen art form is lampworked glass.  This is glass being manipulated in the flame of a torch, with all decoration being applied to the molten glass, using dental-like tools. I have been working with glass for over 25 years.  Like many, I started out in stained glass, then progressed to the hot glass processes. 

To me glass is a magical substance. It can be hard and sharp one minute, then taffy-like the next. Manipulating hot glass is indescribable.”

Selected Shows and Awards 

The Muskegon Museum of Art Century 2 New Glass and Paintings; 1st Place in Glass, 2001: Muskegon, MI


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Assemblage with lampworked glass and found objects


Lampworked Glass and Metal


Lampworked Glass Beads and Sterling Silver


Lampworked Glass Bead and Sterling Silver