Todd Johnson

I have over 36 years experience in graphic design.   My work currently focuses on print materials ranging in scope from large catalogs, brochures, flyers, magazines, ads and large output like banners etc.  I usually work with marketers or business owners to design and produce whatever type of communication materials are needed. I also do product photography, location photography and retouching (when necessary for active projects). Past and present clients include, Spring Meadow Nursery, Proven Winners, SAF-HOLLAND, Brunswick Bowling, Steelcase, Amway, Sligh Furniture, Superior Furniture, the Village Baker (in Spring Lake) and others. 

When I need a break from all of this graphic work, I grab my camera and head out for a day or two to shoot whatever catches my eye.  Naturally, I’m attracted to the water and love to search out a shot along the beach, at a marina, or out on the water.   I tend to stick to the lakeshore, as that is my favorite subject, but I also enjoy sailing so you will see a fair amount of my work in that area.

Tractor Seat

I find additional artistic inspiration  in old, forgotten and rusty things.  Old abandoned cars, buildings, trains, farms and once in a while, even a cemetery will catch my eye.



The quality of the light is crucial to a good photograph and I typically will either wait for the right light or pass up a potential photo if the light is not what I’m looking for.

Pier with Ice

Tugboat on Ice

Todd Johnson
Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration
studio: 616-607-8491
mobile: 616-402-4787